La Leche League of Broomfield

Mother to Mother Breastfeeding Support  

La Leche League of Broomfield

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La Leche League offers mothers: 

·         Mother-to-mother support

·         New Beginnings, a journal for breastfeeding mothers, filled with warm personal stories from parents, current breastfeeding research, book reviews, and much more.

·         Basic information on getting breastfeeding and mothering off to the best start

·         Extensive literature on common nursing questions and challenges

·         Specific information on unusual situations

·         A place for a mother to be accepted without being judged

·         A place where mothers can share their knowledge about breastfeeding and mothering with others.

·         A Leader who is an experienced breastfeeding mother herself


Your tax deductible membership fee helps to carry on La Leche League’s work locally and around the world.  Membership is $40. 



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I’d like to join La Leche League for just $40. Please make checks payable to LLL of Broomfield.


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